Birchwood Casey Rifle Cleaning Kit

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Key Features
Handgun Kit includes 17 cleaning pieces
Comprehensive firearm cleaning components
Reusable hard case with organize tray

Birchwood Casey Handgun Cleaning Kit includes: 4 Brass jags (.22 cal., .223/5.56 cal., .243/.25cal., .270/.28 cal., .30cal. ), 4 Bore Brushes, 4 Stainless Steel Rod Sections, 1 Cleaning Handle, 1 Muzzle Guard, 1 AR-15 Chamber Brush, 1 Utility Brush, and 1 Patch Holder.  This rifle cleaning kit has all the tools you need to keep your rifles at its highest level. It features cleaning accessories of today’s most popular calibers. All come packed in an organized carrying case. 
41634 – Birchwood Casey Rifle Cleaning Kit